High Beam LED Headlights Toyota Supra MKIV


$ 55.00

LED GUYS High Power High Beam / DRL kit will come with 2 interchangeable film to switch colors. Choose between 3000K / 6500K / 8000K. Installation is simple, the adhesive film adheres to the glass tube on the LED, changing the color. Stickers are removable for multiple color changes!
LED GUYS sleek and modern design makes installation simple with no bulky wires or ballasts to deal with. Each kit will contain 2 bulbs and is 100% Plug and Play.

Size: 9005 (All years)
Color: 3000K / 6500K / 8000K
Lumens: 6000
Install: 100% Plug & Play
Material: A830 Grade Aluminum 
Cooling: Fan-less Cooling Design
Applications: Daytime Running Lights / High Beam
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty - Water Resistant