Gauge Cluster Faces MKIV Toyota Supra


$ 225.00

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Introducing our new MKIV Supra Gauge Face Kit with TRD & Supra logos. This kit will provide a plug & play solution to freshen up your old factory gauge faces.

Kit will include a tachometer face, speedometer face, water & fuel face, new needle stoppers, and red needle film (optional). Manual kit will come with a 10K tachometer, the Automatic will come with a 8K tachometer.

Please excuse our current photos, we are in the process of adding more installed in the vehicle. 

Fitment: USDM MKIV Toyota Supra
Models: Manual or Auto
Brand: Hayai
Included: 3x Gauge Faces, 2x Needle Stoppers, Red Film (Needles)  
Installation Video: CLICK HERE