Underglow Install Instructions


Underglow Install Instructions 

Install Instructions:

  1. Remove the contents from the box, before installing please make sure the size you ordered will fit your vehicle.
  2. Before installing you should test that all of the strips work along with the app.
    • Download the app by scanning the QR code on the Bluetooth box.
    • Strip the power wires back enough to temporarily touch the positive wire to power and the negative wire to a ground.
    • Open the app once the LEDs have power, the app will automatically find them, try switching around different colors to make sure it all works. Now you are ready for install!
  3. The LED Strips may be a stiff coming out of the box, it is recommended to place them in direct sunlight to soften them up for install, or use a heat gun. This will get them to a straight position.
  4. We will need to clean the area’s where you wish to place the LED strips, we suggest using some type of a degreaser that will eliminate any wax, contaminates, dirt, etc.
  5. Find the route you want the wires and strips to go, and place them in position, on the ground, under the car.
  6. Take the Bluetooth controller and connect the red wire to a positive 12V source, and the black to a negative source. (Preferably the battery).
    • An inline fuse should be used to protect the electronics.
    • An on/off toggle switch is also recommended.
  7. Take the provided Alcohol swabs and run them over the area where you will be placing the strips.
  8. Peel the plastic from the adhesive tape and begin to place them around the car.
    • IMPORTANT – When placing the 2 led strips in the front and rear of the car, both strips needs to be as close together as possible. Start in the middle of the car, they should almost be touching. (This will avoid a blank spot).


Software operating Instructions:

  1. Download the app from the App Store by scanning the QR code on the Bluetooth controller.
  2. DO NOT go into your Bluetooth settings and connect to the lights!
  3. Open the app.
  4. Wait 10-15 seconds, App will automatically connect with the Bluetooth controller.
  5. Scroll your finger on the color-wheel. If your bulbs start to change colors you’re all set.
  6. Turn the lights off in the app when you are done using them.