RGB Headlight Install Instructions



RGB Headlight Install Instructions


Bluetooth and Bulb Install Instructions: 

  1. Remove the bulbs from the box, please and ensure that the size ordered fits the connector on the vehicles wiring harness before proceeding. Unhook connector and place bulb to the side once confirmed.
  2. Take the Bluetooth controller and connect the red wire to a positive 12V source, and the black to a negative source. (Preferably the battery).
    • An inline fuse should be used to protect the electronics.
    • An on/off toggle switch is also recommended.
  3. Connect the circle connector with the 4 pronged connector from the Bluetooth controller and the harness on the bulbs together. *Please look inside the connector to ensure the notch lines up to ensure proper operation.
  4. Connect the harness from the LED to the vehicle.


Software operating Instructions:

  1. Download Happylighting App from App Store.
  2. DO NOT go into your Bluetooth settings and connect to the lights!
  3. Open Happylighting app.
  4. Wait 10-15 seconds, App will automatically connect with the Bluetooth controller.
  5. Scroll your finger on the color-wheel. If your bulbs start to change colors you’re all set.
  6. Turn the lights off in the app when you are done using them.