F1 Style Rear Flashing Brake Light - WRX / STi Install Instructions


F1 Style Rear Brake Light Install Instructions 

Trunk Panel Removal:

  • Remove the 3 clips holding the hard plastic trunk trim piece. Pull up and remove the trim piece from the vehicle.
  • Remove the trunk floor carpet, then remove the foam spare tire cover, and finally remove the small foam piece on the driver’s side.
  • Looking at the driver’s side, remove the 3 clips holding the trunk liner in place and pull back the liner.
  • Remove the circular rubber grommet inside the rear of the trunk.
    • Using a drill or a knife, make a hole in the middle of the rubber grommet large enough to fit the 3 wires coming from the rear of the new 3rd brake light.

Rear Bumper Plastic Insert Removal:

  • Start by removing the 2 plastic clips holding the black trim of the rear bumper to the vehicle.
  • On the back of the rear bumper there will be 2 more clips holding the bumper to the vehicle, remove the 2 plastic clips. You will now have access to the rear fog light insert.
  • Remove the fog light insert by pushing up on the clips holding it into place. Push the insert out towards the rear of the vehicle.

 Installing the 3rd Brake Light:

  • Remove the bracket from the back of the new 3rd brake light.
  • Take the new 3rd brake light and install it into the rear bumper.
  • Under the vehicle take the bracket and install it into the back of the area that was holding the original plastic bumper insert.
  • By hand, lightly use the screws to attach the bracket to the 3rd brake light. Ensure the brake light is straight then finally use a screwdriver to tightly fasten the bracket to the brake light.
  • Take the wiring harness from the 3rd brake light and fish it up through the back of the rear bumper, through the hole that the rubber grommet covered.
  • Pull the wires through the hole you created in the rubber grommet.

 Wiring the 3rd brake light:

  • Find the connector that is plugged into the back of the tail light harness and unplug it.
  • Strip away the outer black protective layer/tape around the wiring.
  • Use the quick connectors to splice the 3rd brake light wires into the harness.
    • Red  → Brown
    • White → Black w/ White Stripe (Some cars are Brown w/ white stripe)
    • Black → Black
  • Plug connector back in, connect the battery, then check to see if the new 3rd brake light is operational.


  • Re-install all clips holding the rear bumper, and interior trunk pieces in the same order they were removed.